Terms of Service


♡Payment up front ! 

♡Payment is in Euro, and through paypal invoice.


♡Please don't contact me for updates less then 3 days apart, it won't make me work faster. 

​♡After approval of the sketch, major changes to line-art etc will cost extra, please carefully look over your sketch!

♡Images are always over 1000px (unless specified otherwise), but ask for certain resolutions depending on what the image is going to be used for.

♡Work time is anywhere between a week or a month. Double that if you order multiple pieces at once.

 I can work for a specific close deadline with a rush fee.

♡Unless asked not to I will re-upload the commission to other sites such as DA, FA and tumblr etc.

♡Credit me when re-uploading your commission, any of my websites are fine.


Cancellation and refunds:

You can cancel the commission at any time, but I will keep part of the cost depending on how much work i've done. If for any reason I need to cancel, I will refund the full amount.

When commissioning me I hold the right to cancel the commission without refund if you act inappropriately to me, such as sending me sexual, threatening or derogatory messages or images. (nsfw reference does not count if we're working on a nsfw commission.)

I will also cancel if I find out you support rape/noncon , incest , sexualizing minors,''futa'' or hateful renditions of sexualities/genders , baby-fur, anti-lgbt+, ableism, racism, bestiality or anything along those lines, even if only in fictional circumstances.  - you will not be refunded and i will blacklist you.